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This is an old thread.

But, since it's been drug out of the gutter....

There are 3 basic case lengths used for .22 LR ammunition:
.22 Short
.22 Long
.22 Stinger

The Aguila 60 gr SSS rounds use a .22 Short case (0.420") with a long bullet, to reach the same nominal OverAll Length (OAL) as .22 LR.

The .22 Long case is the same length as .22 LR (0.595" to 0.613"). This is the standard case for more than 95% of .22 LR ammunition. Because of the great variety of loads available, OAL varies. But, the max OAL still remains 1.000".

The .22 Stinger case is longer than the .22 Long case, at 0.710". When combined with a light bullet, the loaded cartridge has the same max OAL as .22 LR - 1.000".

The reason those dimensions can all be used in the same chamber, were explained by Sevens on page 1 (back in February): .22 Short, .22 Long, and .22 LR all use outside-lubricated heeled bullets. So, the body of the bullet is the same diameter as the case. It doesn't matter how long each part of the cartridge is, so long as the loaded cartridge doesn't exceed the maximum allowable OAL.

Don't worry about all this case length nonsense. It's a non-issue.
Test the loads, and go from there.
Case length doesn't matter.
Bullet length doesn't matter.
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