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.460 rowland conversion experience?

I came across this ---> in my usual pretending-to-be-paying-attention-during-a-pointless-class-but-really-just-browsing-gun-forums routine. Cut me some slack, I'm three weeks away from college graduation; it's a little difficult to concentrate.

I'm usually pretty skeptical by nature, particularly when it comes to stuff on the internet, but this caught my eye.

According to their website, the .460 Rowland "will propel a 185 grain bullet from a five inch barrel to 1550 fps." Impressive, Especially when you consider this round being packed into a Glock 21 or an XDM w/ 6" barrel conversion kit with 13 round magazines. There's a woods gun that has my attention. A powerful round from a reliable, (relatively) high capacity semi-auto.

I've tried to do some more research, but haven't found many firsthand accounts. Ballistics by the inch has the .460 rowland shooting a 230 grain bullet from a 5" barrel at 1213 FPS --> but apparently tested only one weight and brand of ammo. Does anybody know of any other data on the .460 Rowland's performance?

I'm also wondering if anybody has any experience with their conversion kits.

Thanks in advance!
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