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I don't know how you feel about the Northern areas. But western ND may very well be a great place right now for your aspirations. A good friend of mine used to be a LEO in the area, but has now turned to selling firearms and self defense training. The oil boom expansion out there has created a plethora of issues that has caused several things to be re-evaluated.

The oil industry attracts hard working heavy duty individuals in addition to those that are willing to go wherever the work is, to those who have no other choice. Unfortunatley, there is a criminal aspect that has been exploding along with the population.

ND in general is very firearm friendly, and generally most of the state (with the exception of Fargo) is mostly conservative politically.

With regards to the Boom-Bust typical of oil and natural resource industries, I can shed some light on this as well. Several family members and friends also work in the industry. The oil formation there has a number of years of life in it. A family member works in the resource development and test well research division. According to him, there's 20 years of work out there just with the technology we have now, and typically there's a breakthrough in recovery tech every 20 years. The recoverable assets as of current surveys will outlast my lifetime, and they're still drilling. Recent information suggests that with the current technology - there's more oil in the ground out there than the middle east started with.
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