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Gee I'd like a seasoning opening in Oct Shortwave. Mn rules have us B/P hunters playing second fiddle to those modern rifle hunters who tear up the woods so badly in their quest for meat first.
Our B/P hunting season starts here the weekend after Thanks Giving and runs two weeks and three weekends long. That first week is OK. But up where I hunt the weather can change so quick in that second week. From cold >low 20s and snow to down right -25 below and windy. Regardless of the weather I'm always up & ready to jump in that old Chevy for hunt Shortwave.
Your comment about my trophy: Oops I didn't notice that trophy guy before. Hmm~~ that Sir was unintentional
So you have a Seneca. Lucky dog U!! I've been looking for a Seneca or a Cherokee for many years. The only ones I've encountered were already hanging on other peoples walls. And when asked what they would take to sell theirs? I'd have to consider signing over a pension check for it. So I'm still looking. Some day maybe._ By the way thanks for the complement in regards to bushmaster. Appreciate it. Happy Thanks Giving Shortwave.
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