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It’ll be pheasants and coyotes for me. It’s supposed to be a bad year for pheasants where I’m going but the coyotes are everywhere.

There’s a ton of turkeys around too but I need to check the out of state license price. Last time it was around $80 for two; which just seems high to me.

I’ve never hunted deer but I’d really like to. I’d heard the out of state doe tag was $55 for whitetails this year in Nebraska but I procrastinated and didn’t check. I also don’t know if it’s over the counter or draw or what. Maybe I’ll get one if that’s still a possibility. I’ve hunted pheasants on that farmland for 12 years and know where the deer are, I’ve just never had a license. This year though I’m already bringing the .243 for coyotes and since I’ve zeroed for 100gr Core-Lokts I’m pretty much good to go (except on field dressing - which has me concerned as I've never done it before on a deer).
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