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That depends on where you place your cheek-weld on your stock. The eye relief on the Burris is listed at a full 3.5" my experience, it is more like 3.75" to almost 4".

On a carbine with a collapsible buttstock, I tend to put the tip of my nose right up to and just touching the charging handle. In that instance, the eye relief will work just fine with the scope mounted just in front of a fold-down BUIS.

However, for a full-length rifle with a fixed stock, I tend to place my cheek-weld further back...about half way along the stock. Because of this, I found that I needed to go without a BUIS and attached the scope back further to decrease the eye relief. I went with the LaRue LT681 QD mount, which brought the scope back far enough to exactly where I wanted it to be for the best eye relief.

I keep my BUIS in the buttstock compartment of my rifle in case the scope ever gets taken out of action...which I seriously doubt will happen unless it is rolled over by a tank.
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