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One of the other things that's been bugging me in this thread stems from this:
Originally Posted by dbooksta
Is there a win-win to be had in the RKBA battle?
If the intent of that question is to determine whether there's a "win" for pro-RKBA folks, and a "win" for anti-RKBa folks, then the answer must be "no," almost by definition. A win on the pro-gun side is automatically a loss for the anti-gun side, and vice versa.

A couple of posters have already pointed out that obedience to the law is not necessarily the same as acceptance. As an example, were I to travel to Antigunsville (a wholly fictitious place invented so as to avoid the appearance of bashing any of the less, shall we say, gun-friendly locales), I would obey their laws while there. That does not mean that I accept their restrictions as permissible under the 2A. It simply means that I am not in a position to be Tomorrow's 2A Test Case.
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