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I wouldn't mind one of those in 44 mag as well. I already have a SRH 9.5" in 44 mag. If I wanted near 454 performance I would use the Buffalo Bore 340 gr +P loads, I can't load to what they get and reviews are good for that load even out of the Alaskan. I had a 454 SRH 9.5 and yes It could throw out the same weight bullet I use in my 44 mag at 200 fps faster (my 300 gr cast GC from my 44 mag are almost 1550fps) The extra 200 fps resulted in my middle finger getting slammed with every shot, was fine after the first 6 as it numbed my joint. Now the 480 that sounds interesting in an Alaskan, heavier bullet bigger bore at about 1000 fps out of that short barrel.
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