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but if over done can lead to both function and safety issues.
I normally do not use my revolvers for self defense (exc: I sometimes use an un-modified Model 15). Therefore, I allow myself more leaway on potential light trigger strikes. Even saying that, however, I always test a firearm I have modified (or a new firearm for that matter) with a few hundred rounds before I feel confident. I have a 625 that will fail unless using federal primers, although it was that way before I got it. I could maybe go to a stronger mainspring, but as it is a range gun, I simply use federal primers with it and have no problems.

Frankly, I am not sure I would want more than two or three firearms if I did not disassemble them. I am not a tinkerer by nature, but show me a gun, and I will show you something I want to disassemble.

I currently have that Iver Johnson completely stripped in preparation for my first rust blue job. And I have a colt 1903 completely stripped for my second rust blue job. So many guns, so little me time.
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