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Warningshot, although I can see the wisdom in what you say I can not agree with it 100% example:
My Father Has a Colt Python 6" Blued 357 mag that has been altered by the factory, it comes with documents from Colt explaining the Mods. This actually brought the value of the Handgun up not down. Can't figure out why if the designers and techs whom put those guns out know what they are doing, they would ever have to make any Mods to improve them. By the way the Colt mod also resulted in some rounds not firing, not enough hammer strike. Working on a revolver is not rocket science by any stretch and most factory guns can be improved. They try to arrive at an average that will be suitable for most individuals and lighter trigger means for those who are not experience they could be more dangerous. I am not concerned with what Joe Blow down the street may prefer, just what suits my needs. Just remember any mods you make are done at your own risk. Funny concept that any one would be responsible for there own actions in today's society.

GP100man don't know if they are all the same from the factory now but my buddy's SRH 44 mag 7.5" came through at a good enough pull he did not want to lighten it, and my GP100 4" was much better than the older SRHs I have had in the past. I still changed the trigger spring, polished parts and shimmed trigger, hammer and hammer dog. Once I get a set of good Carbide drill bits I am going to lighten the Hammer and try the 12 lb hammer spring. I am not worried that I may ruin the hammer, as if I do it is replaceable, nothing ventured nothing gained.

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