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Yes, I will periodically take my S&W revolvers apart...and will always do it on a gun that is new to me....

I educated myself on how to do it right ...Jerry Miculek's DVD and others ...there are some good books out there too - on how to do it right. Without that can make some mistakes...that you might regret !

I don't like the idea of flushing out my revolvers either .../ but at the same time overlubing them is a problem too.

( I have educated myself on how to fully strip all of my part of my owning them ...because its what I like to do for my 1911's, Sig Sauers, or my S&W revolvers...) its pretty easy to learn how to strip them all down to a bare frame - espeically these days with really good DVD's and the internet vs 40 yrs ago...where we had to sit with a knowledgeable person and learn....
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