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Very nice display Sure Shot. Too, the added touch of the (partial) pistol shooting trophy at the bottom is a nice touch as well...

...and a very good post/advice to bushmaster.

We have a week long early bp season that is in the middle of Oct. and is limited to certain zones.
Our week long shotgun season opens this coming Mon. We can use bp in the shotgun season.
Then our FOUR DAY ONLY () bp season opened to all zones that is the first week in Feb.

I don't hunt the early bp season and use bp in the shotgun and late bp season. I usually divide days up between different bp rifles, trying(but usually not succeeding) in taking a deer with each rifle.

This year will be a T/C Encore and Rem. 700 inlines, both in .50cal.
Then a T/C Hawkins in .50 cal and a T/C Seneca in .45cal.

Since the Seneca is the newest edition to the fold and has never killed a deer, I'll more start Monday morning with it. Can't wait.
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