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Posted by Edward429451: I think we can [tell whether a present threat of unlawful force existed]. We had a lone female with child in tow and the perv starts acting aggressive and pawing himself. Do we not believe the lady?
She said he "approached "aggressively" and sat down. Can we infer from that that she believed he was about to strike or grab her and that she had to draw to stop him? I don't know.

Was she knowledgeable of the law? I don't know.

Posted by davem: So a guy goes up to a strange woman and flashes. I'd say he may be capable of anything.
Look--it's not a matter of what he may be capable of, though that is one element. It is all about what she reasonably believed that he was likely going to do, right then and there, at that moment, if she didn't prevent it.

People who do not understand that concept are likely to get into a lot of trouble.

I'm going to put in another plug for MAG-20. For anyone who thinks it costly, consider the possibility of losing everything due to not having an understanding of the use of force laws.

And in the interim, order a copy of The Cornered Cat-- a Woman's Guide to Concealed Carry. Even if you are a man.

She did the right thing.
She came though it OK, but a lot of that was dumb luck. See Post #148.

Why should an INNOCENT woman have to grant any leeway to a possible male attacker?
Not sure what you mean by "leeway".
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