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S & W long distant gunsmithing

Thank you RKG...I understand your position about this. Hard to find an expert to diagnose such things in my area and I know it would not come cheap. You know the drill, they have to take it apart and inspect, clean, & oil...takes a lot of time and they have to charge for it all. A good pal of mine that is high volume shooter is right--stick with Rugers, far less problems.

Sorry about my calling the hammer block a transfer bar...I am not up on all the names for the parts.

Whatever I did, did fix the problems on both guns (M-29 & 57) they work just fine now. Seems that proper lubrication was the answer in both cases.

With the Model was bizarre to cock the hammer and pull the trigger and have it "misfire" ie the firing pin was blocked and didn't make contact..but now it works again...
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