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I have disassembled almost every revolver I have owned, but only one completely (an Iver Johnson Supershot 8--by which I mean removing all the pins and the barrel). The only one I haven't is a colt SAA; I tried two other colts DA revolvers and had a major headache getting both back together, which has put me off colt DAs completely.

I normally polish the rebound slide on all my S&W DAs with a stone and then a light cotten cloth and mother's mag. Most everything else I leave alone, except the springs, which I routinely replace. The rebound spring is a pain unless you have a good specially made tool, which costs less than $20.

Ruger SAs seem to me much more difficult. Dan Wessons are easier, although the mainspring can be a bear (but you only have to remove it to change it). Never owned a ruger DA.
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