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Oh boy, you've done it now. You've awoken him [Glock Kool-Aid man]
Speaking of the proverbial Kool-Aid, it's helpful to remember that in the early 1980s, the benefits of the Glock design weren't exactly obvious.

It would be helpful for some forum members to read some of the gun press reports about the G17 written ca. 1985. Most can be paraphrased as follows:

Such-and-such sent us this peculiar new pistol from an upstart company in Austria. It has a polymer frame and a partially cocked striker-fired trigger system like the Heckler & Koch VP70z. The gun holds 17 rounds, almost as much as the Steyr GB, and it's similarly rather large for a gun that fires such a low-powered cartridge. It has no manual safety and we're not sure what to think of this; the only external safety is a weird lever on the trigger. Like the HK VP70z, the Glock has a spongy and long initial trigger pull, but it has a nice reset and remarkably little felt recoil. The pistol is reasonably accurate although you won't win at Camp Perry with it. It ate every type of ammo we fed it without complaint.

We liked the Glock overall, but we wonder how well the polymer frame will stand up to extended use, and it's hard to say how the market will accept its peculiar design and the absence of an external safety lever. Time will tell.

Hardly the glowing reviews we are accustomed to today.
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