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Cleaning a revolver you have been trained how....will go with what you say about the the spraying/flushing. I have done it and it worked quite has to let it dry out.

Had a problem with a M-57...shooting single action, when cocking the hammer the cylinder would sometimes not rotate and lock as it should. I removed the side plate and lightly oiled the critical areas and never had teh problem again

With a M-29 made ten years ago again shooting double action...sometimes when the trigger is pulled the hammer woudl drop but the transfer bar would be out of position--so it would not fire. I tightened the tension on the mainspring strain screw and that helped...I then spray lubed the internals--made it worse. Did a carb cleaner flush and it now works just fine..any ideas what was going on with that. I have four N farme S & W pistols and this is the only one that "acted up" like that. I do not use heavy loads in it, prefering medium loads.
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