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BartB, I just went back through your posts on this thread...your time and experience in the shooting game shows...thanks for the discussion...wouldn't mind buying a cpl rounds for some add'l time and discussion. This quote from one of your posts in this thread pretty much sums it up. Best regards, Rod

As a former US Palma Team member, I was asked to help develop a load for Sierra's new 155-gr. Palma bullet. The results was .308 Win. ammo that shot sub 1/2 MOA in tests at 600 yards as well in a couple dozen opr more different rifles from around the world. That ammo had new unprepped cases with a 4 grain spread, charge weights with a 3/10ths grain spread, bullet runout up to .004".

I'm not an admirer of tiny, record groups. Seldom, if ever, are they repeated with the same rifle, ammo and shooter. And they only happen when all the variables pretty much cancel each other out.
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