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My wife, sons, and I all hunt with rifles during the deer firearms season. We are all proficient with rifle recoil.

That being said, my almost-14 year old daughter is home alone sometimes.
She is recoil-averse and doesn't hunt or really care about firearms at all.
She is the reason I keep #4 buckshot in a sidesaddle holster on our NEF Topper .410 single shot behind the bedroom door.

I've been able to instruct her on how to enter the bedroom, lock the door, and load the single-shot and hold on the door. If someone breaks in to the downstairs while she is home alone, she is to follow this procedure.

I feel confident in her ability to defend herself with the .410 in this situation.
9 .240 diameter pellets of Federal #4 buck @ 1100fps to the head/neck/chest area from 8 yards across our bedroom using the bed for a rest tends to mess up a home invaders day.

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