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1) I have no hesitation in disassembling and reassembling a S&W DA revolver. But then I've been factory trained.

2) For the most part, I advise most folks not to disassemble their revolvers. In part, some special skills or training is important (perhaps even "necessary"); in part, you'll do a better job and reduce the risk of damaging something if you have a couple of special tools; and in part (and the largest part), because it is completely unnecessary.

3) Revolvers with a high round count can pick up some combustion product crud in the hand slot, which can be cleaned with a dental pick without disassembling the revolver. Revolvers that are daily carried tend to pick up some lint in the hammer channel, which is best cleaned with a tooth brush from the outside. S&W revolvers do not tend to pick up crud in the lockwork inside.

4) S&W revolvers do not require and should not receive heavy internal lubrication, and do not require frequent re-lubrication.

5) Spraying the internals of a revolver with solvent -- the "flush it out" approach -- is a bad idea and I strongly recommend against it.
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