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It depends on the LGS. I want to by at the LGS that also includes the range. I usually just can't bring myself to do it however. Anything under 10 bucks is priced at 10 bucks. So you can imagine what the firearms are marked up like. There's another LGS, through a back road about 4 blocks or less away.

I bought my LE6920 there. $30 more than the cheapest I found at a big box store, but the guy gave m more than $30 in freebies. Sure not all of them are especially useful freebies... I have no idea where I'm going to use the box of tracers the guy gave me until I'm back on a farm in Iowa. But the boresnake was a nice touch, and with a couple boxes of discounted ammo, I got back my $30 plus the free tracers I can't use, but appreciate for the gesture.
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