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.38 Special Eco Loads

I own a few .38 Special revolvers that I find most enjoyable to shoot with---I use them more than any other calibers, for plinking. As lead has gone up in price and WW's are now hard to come by, have worked on loads that use less lead and that are accurate..I thought I'd share with anyone that might be intersted.

For bullets I cast with a Lee 90316 (105 SWC) or a Lyman 358345 (115 SWC). I lube/size to .359". I use eitrher Bullseye or Prome (Red Dot)...4.0 grains gives me just over 1,000 FPS---or 4.25 for 1,100 FPS. I use a 9mm expander/belling die so that the bullets are a tight fit. I also use a small tuft of poly-filler. These things will aid in the load consistency which can be quite tricky with such light bullets and small powder chrages. In my guns they are about as accurate as with a 148 grain WC bullet, out to 100'.

Using these bullets one gets 67 / 61 bullewt pre pound of lead, respectively. I also shoot into a sand hill/berm that I sieve every so often, to reclaim most of the lead.
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