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I would be very interested to see any reports on CZ75 testing results associated with the M9 competition.
+1. This is the first time I've heard of the CZ 75 being associated with the 1984 US Army tests in any way.
When the military adopted the M9 the Czec's were still part of the eastern bloc. The Soviet regiem didn't collaps[e] until 1989.
I'm confident that JohnKSa knows the history perfectly well. However, the CZ 75 had been in production for several years at the time of the tests, and you can be assured that U.S. Army intelligence had obtained quite a few of them and tested them very extensively before 1980. If they wanted a CZ 75 badly enough, it would have been simple to reverse-engineer the pistol and produce a domestic copy.

FWIW if you read Cold War-era gun press articles about the CZ, particularly those written before the pistol was first imported in the mid-80s, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. Some gun writers used spectacular hyperbole to describe this mysterious and forbidden Warsaw Pact w├╝nderpistole, but when you read these articles closely, it's often apparent that the writer hadn't even handled the CZ, much less fired one; they were just parroting similar hyperbole from other writers.

IMHO it's possible that the CZ's "participation" in the Army tests is a myth that originated in one of these articles.
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