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Already got a young doe with my .54 Hawken
No blood shot meat on that one. She be a tasty one no doubt. Economy size for the freezer too. My complements Sir. On a job well done Hawg. A spike or a doe that size are my favorite too. Have had my share of big ones. By the way morning or evenings hunt Sir? (shot)

Not gonna wait till its to late.
Once you get started things/ways fall in place bushmaster65. After all it is part of your heritage Sir. If you have a Rifle or Pistol Range available. Go check it out. Maybe rent something to shoot. 22 cal rifle /pistol is excellent to start out with. (Accurate, not overwhelming but fun, and fairly cheap to shoot.) You can always hang out here on TFLF and lean a little something everyday. Ask a question or two now and then. Many here are over anxious to give answers that come from experience. If you have spare income available. Perhaps book a hunt. How ever you go about getting started it's all good._

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