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Unless you live in a state with a magazine capacity limit, buy the new one. Beretta mags are everywhere. The new ones are indistinguishable from pre bans. During the AWB, they were marked LEO USE ONLY, but they are not anymore. You cannot tell the difference between a mag made in 1993 and one made last week. Floorplates are often changed out even on older mags. And $650 is too high for a new Beretta.
Yes, indeed. "Pre-ban" is just about meaningless anymore outside the states that still limit mag capacity.

+1 to the metal trigger/guide rod and the decocker (that's plastic on new ones) - but I don't know if I'd pay $650 just to have those parts.

Having said that, Beretta 92 with polymer parts was my first pistol. Price tag was $650. Managed to get it for $600 and I still overpaid. Came with 2 15rnd factory mags. Cost of youth and impulse buying, but it is still my favorite. Plus, I learned good lessons about proper negotiating skills

If "Pre-ban" status is what the price hangs on, and you don't have state laws restricting capacity - I'd get the new one and talk the price down a bit if possible
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