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I would have done more research, I bought a lee pro1000 started reloading and had very limited knowledge of what I was doing. As I got more interested in various calibers I bought another pro1000 to make it quicker to changer calibers. Ultimately the pro1000 was not reliable enough for me and I bought a dillon for high volume and ease of caliber change. I know have 3 presses, including a lee hand press and I use all of them. It's a great hobby, many love it as much as shooting. Like guns you will accumulate as you go, that's part of the enjoyment. If you are not sure what volume you will be reloading, start with a single stage, it will never go to waste, but prepared for the fever and the desire to increase volume which will drive you towards a turret or progressive. This is a great forum, before you buy vet it out here. Back to your question, I would get multiple sources of instructions and learned more before I started. I would like to have been less impetuous. If you can find someone local that reloads that would be a good place to start. I knew nobody and made some poor choices. I'm not bashing lee, some do here. I have many lee products but I don't care for the pro1000, too bad it's a great price point. I would have reservations about the loadmaster. So if the question is what would you avoid, my personal feeling is those 2 presses based on my experience.
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