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Right now I have seven. They cover the range from putting down a grizzly to a carry piece. Whenever I start thinking of something new the first question is, "what do I want to accomplish?". 99% of the time I can do it with what I have.

Right now I'm thinking 1911 in .45 but would have to trade off my G22 to get one. However, I have 9 G22 mags, over 1000 bullets, 3000 cases, dies, etc. for reloading .40. Going to .45 means all that has to be replaced.

G22 shoots as good as I can. Plenty of power, big magazine capacity, easy to reload. Can convert to 9mm or 357 SIG with a drop in barrel. 1911 adds nothing but being a 1911. Even if the 1911 could shoot 2 inch groups at 50 yards, I can't.

I'll be keeping the G22.

Glad I'm over that, again!

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