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Looking forward to the extra time off this holiday weekend... last night I cut some treated 2 X 8's & leveled them for the base for the drawer sections ( the floor is sloped towards the sump pump pit, which is under the bench, beside the drawers, since there are no floor drains in the "room" )... I got the level 2 x 4's around the walls, which will also support the bench top & am now ready for the plywood bench top... will pick up 2 sheets of 3/4 plywood, & the material for the 2 - 12" shelves today... once the plywood is in place, I'll measure up for my stainless bench top...

started on the base for the 2nd corner ammo storage bench last night also, since I have most of the paneling boards up now, so with the extra time off this weekend, I should get quite a bit done on that as well... I was in shopping for vinyl for the ammo bench seat cushions yesterday, trying to match my blue drawers... I also have a small 4 ft steel office desk, that will hold hold our important papers in a file drawer, & give MRS MAGNUM a place to put her jewlery box... I have to disassemble it to get it downstairs anyway, & it's grey right now, was thinking about painting it tan ( about the color of the wall paneling ) or white, while I had it apart, but now may paint it the same blue... I think Fastenal has spray paint to match their cabinets ???

amaizing how fast the space is getting smaller, with a small steel desk, 2 corner ammo storage benches, & my loading bench now taking shape... the guns themselves don't take up much space, just all the other "stuff" really eats into the room space

got my 1st plastic panel ( light cover ) under one of the 4' flourecent lights... it diffusses alot of light, but cuts the brightness some... but looks good...balance of the ceiling will be aluminum diamond plate inset in white suspended ceiling grid

BTW... I'm so happy with how my gun racks are turning out, that I've decided to do up a few extras for a couple buddies for Christmas, as I've got the wood guy making up my next group of them
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