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I can't speak about WA because I have never lived there and it would only be the stereotypes that probably annoy some...always raining, high suicide rate due to always being cloudy/rainy, bigfoot, high domestic abuse rate andor that being considered ok, etc, etc(again, I am not saying this...these are common stereotypes I learned/heard growing up on the eastcoast - I do enjoy some of the reality TV for the tree cutters but some seem to need anger mngmnt LOL but I guess there is no human resources near). I did have some buddies from WA that were very good friends and people. I also have a 'girlfriend' from my highschool days who moved to OR with her sister(separately), and they both love it. Maybe phasing in OR with WA is a stereotype of its own? not sure... I thought it was interesting that an officer from king county on COPS many times during the nineties is now on AK police shows...I guess some gravitate to and from WA to AK andor to and from the 'lower 48'. If one is stationed at ft lewis(at least for the army), he/she is almost definitely going to be deployed(same goes for Ft Hood TX)

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