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There are only a few Lothar Walther barrels available through Brownells.

I have bought 6 CM LW barrels blanks over the last 10 years; 257, 257, 257, 257, .224, and .284.

The US guy, Woody, or what ever the name of the LW guy in the US is, does not want to give me any wholesale deals.
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And there are some issues with the LW stainless. It is tougher to machine than many US made SS barrels. It may last longer, but it takes a different cutting speed on the chamber.

But the LW barrels that I have used are very high quality.
It is basically the same as any other barrel that is factory lapped and stress relieved.

You can also get that quality from Krieger, Shilen, Hart, Lilja, and Pac Nor are the ones I have, but there are a number of other barrel makers that offer top quality barrels.
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