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This is a tough issue. They do a lot of good. But I don't donate to them. I am a life mamber of the DAV and active in local veteran groups. I am a retired counselor with a depth in counseling combat vets in trauma and substance abuse and recovery. What the WWP does is good stuff; but it comes at a price for me. They use their (somewhat liberal) bully pulpit to do tacit ill to a fundamental right of veterans and Americans in general.

I do not think I can support them as broadly as I would like to but I am not sure my opinion would be more than damning them with faint praise at this point...

I find a lot to agree with in ltc444's post. It has been my experience working with vets who wand to talk "but not to somebody who wasn't there..." It is a good point to identify myself as another vet with PTSD, substance abuse, and degrees and licenses on the wall who is service connected. And have walked through the system a bit.

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