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I suppose I should be carrying my Sig P210-6, 1911 or Browning High Power, in single action only cocked and locked with some of the best trigger pulls of any handguns, or maybe my HKP7M8 or HkP9S with triggers that break like glass, or DA/SA Walther P88 or Walther P5 Compact or Walther P38 or Sig 239, or DAO Smith and Wesson or Ruger revolvers, instead I carry a Glock.

Even though it is dangerous to carry a handgun with too light a trigger pull it is pretty well known that a lighter trigger pull on a handgun or rifle leads to an easier path towards accuracy, although you can probably train yourself to be accurate with any trigger pull with enough practice.

Have heard anything over a five pound trigger pull is harder to shoot accurately and since the first DA trigger pull on most DA/SA handguns is more than that it seems reasonable that it will take a lot more training and practice to make that first shot accurate.

As the first shot in a defensive situation could mean the difference between life and death,,,,,,

Will admit the DA/SA handguns are probably some of the safest handguns from the standpoint of preventing an accidental discharge.....
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