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Good luck finding the Higgs Boson. When something is very statistically unlikely then it takes a very large sample size to find statistical significance, hence CERN spending a lot of money and computing power to analyze more data than all of humanity could with our combined brainpower.

Some event just aren't that "repeatable" in what we have available.

So while I admire your skepticism, I caution you to employ the sound cautionary principle of, "If paying attention to this safety rule I don't understand doesn't hurt me, I'll obey it just in case something exists beyond my understanding."

Nitrocellulose has an R factor of 1.10 as compared to TNT (10% more powerful). It is powerful stuff, and when it reaches detonation (as opposed to deflagration) it can make a right mess of things.

Machine guns are awesome until you have to carry one.
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