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You will always find people who say "If the caliber doesn't begin with a 4, don't rely on it for SD". Thats just silly if you ask me. Shot placement is much more important IMO; yes a 45 will in theory do "more damage" to a target than a 9MM; but a shot to the head, lung or heart of a target is the only "guarantee" it will slowed or stopped.

I seem to recall some story on the news years back during the Iraq war about a couple of insurgents hole up in a hut; they had to run the hut over with a tank to finally kill the guys inside. They found each bad guy had been hit dozens of times but that because they were so hopped up and no vital areas had been hit they were able to keep up the fight.

A shot to a non critical area is not likely to stop your target if they are hopped up on certain drugs; this whole "one shot stop 45" thing is a myth perpetuated by the movies. I wish I had a magic 45 that made people fly across a room with a single round and instantly dropped each bad guy where they stood. In the real world; the only thing that is going to do that is a shot "guaranteed" to one shot stop someone is a shot to the center of the head.

It is best to focus on what works best for you; I don't like 40 S&W because I don't like how "snappy" it is. I like 45 ACP too but I don't like the trade off in ammo capacity.

If 9mm was "too weak" then the Navy Seals would not be using it.

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