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Originally Posted by Obambulate View Post
I actually like the removable cylinder better. It is a cleaner, stronger design. If you want to consider the ability to reload, the Sidewinder *might* have an advantage...but really, if you're needing to reload your mini, then your day is likely ruined anyway.

Actually, replacing a spent cylinder with a fresh, FULL cylinder may be quicker than ejection and reloading of a swing-out cylinder.

I like the Sidewinder design and it is beautiful and collectable, but i don't see it as an improvement over the old design for purely self defensive considerations.
Would strength even be an issue? I would think the sidewinder would be plenty strong to hold up over time. Even with a high round count. NAA makes quality guns and I am sure this model will be strong enough.

It may not be an improvement to you, but I would put money down that the vast majority of people could reload this quicker than the standard, even with a preloaded extra cylinder.

I love my mini, but reloading is a hassle compared to a swing out. I have always wished they would make one with a traditional SA loading gate, but this is even better
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