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Really. That's nice to know, having a BM standard model. I admit that I can not shoot up to my ammo (handloads) because I'm used to trying out my handloads with the scope on my flattop, and then putting the irons back on. I forget what my groups were @100. I know they weren't 3/4 MOA, lol. The best groups I've ever gotten with my standard model were with the scope and handloads which had IMR-4064 (hand weighed) in them, and some light weight bullets that someone had given me (hmm). Those I only shot at 50 yds and were ~1" so that would translate to 2 MOA @100 I think, which sounds about right. Usually if I can print 4" @100 I am happy with that because while it wont win any Matches, it will do everything else needed whether 4 legged or 2 legged.

Maybe I should try some of those 52 gr bullets that people speak so highly of in theirs (and mine) 1-9" barrels. I like heavy bullet for caliber bullets though, so haven't tried them. (handgun shooting did that to me, I think).
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