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My pistol is not your pistol; therefore, you should start low and work up.

With Berrys 124 gr. HBRNTP I use 1.150" OAL (which might be to long for YOUR pistol) tests are 7 round groups at 50 feet off sand bag rest. Verified with additional tests later. Stock XDm.

5.2 gr Power Pistol, medium recoil, 0.61" average to group center

4.0 gr W231, moderate to light recoil, 0.68" ave. to group center

4.2 gr N320, moderate recoil, 0.63" ave. to group center but offset 4" above point of aim.

Change bullet to Berrys 124 gr HBFP at 1.090" for my light recoil target load with 3.6 gr W231 or crank up the kick with 6.2 gr of Power Pistol (not a target load but great group with me and mine).

Your Mileage WILL Vary!
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