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Many years ago, I learned to give the handle a mini second stroke to make sure the wad doesn't try to back out and to break up any bridges, when reloading .410s.
Zippy - How far up did you come before the mini down stroke? Just off the wad or did you come up a bit? I would like to get consistent results with larger shot. The bridging just drives me nuts.

My 12 and 20 presses are Hornady 366's. I've only been shooting and loading the .410 about 3 months now. I was given a pretty high mileage 762 grabber that belonged to a friend who passed. ( He once told me that I shoot pretty well for someone with absolutely no natural ability. ) The Mec is new to me and it has taken me some time to get this thing dialed in so it runs fairly well.

Anyways, thanks for the input.
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