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Industry standards do not law make!

Shotgun slugs are a prime example. There are many states and govt. managed lands that require the use of shotgun slugs. These regulations were instituted in the era of the Foster style slug that were and are very limited in range. However, Remington, Winchester and Federal have all thrown "...long established industry standard(s)..." to the wind. Today's shotgun slugs (abeit in rifled barrels) have just as much danger range as the 45-70, .444 and certainly exceed the .44 magnum carbine. Virtually all state wildlife agencies that restrict hunters to shotgun slugs have not changed their regulations but accept the "new industry standards."

Likewise, most states that permit or mandate buckshot are mute on pellet size. For them buckshot is a multiple large pellet load described as "buckshot." It doesn't matter if the three pellets are .33, .36, .40 or .60 caliber or that the three pellet loads are packaged in a Winchester box labeled .410 gauge buckshot or in a Dixie box labeled 12 gauge buckshot.

So if the regulation simply says "slugs" are legal, I would not hesitate to use a rifled 12 gauge with sabot slugs. Likewise if the regulation simply says buckshot...

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