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Congrats on the new pistol. I am a fan of single action autos.

The X-grip mags are factory mags but with the X-grip extender, right? I cannot see how the mags could cause a light primer strike (note: FTF can mean failure to feed or failure to fire). It could be ammo specific since these occurred with PMC ammo only.

Two "jams" doesn't tell us a lot -- failure to chamber (needed a nudge to chamber)? Stove pipe? Double feed? Sometimes these are resolved with a thorough break-in. Sometimes these are mag related which I would suspect since they occurred with the 7 round mags. Kahr 7 round mags are known to be finicky in their PM9/CM9 pistols.

In any event, I would put enough of your chosen defense rounds through the gun to make sure it is 100% reliable with that ammo and that mag(s).
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