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Getting the carry permit is cheap and easy. Background check and a fee and it's available quickly by mail.
Regarding Washington State, the above is simply not true. I just got mine renewed and even the renewal required in-person form signing. The original application requires the taking of fingerprints and the wait for a background clearance, after you have filled out the forms in person.

But all else mentioned about WA in this thread is accurate. I've lived in WA all my adult life, not that I really know when that actually started. 21? First child is born? First gray hair? Or maybe it hasn't started yet.

I cannot say anything about the legal business but the Joint Base Lewis McChord near Tacoma is where the bulk of military-oriented legal practice will happen. And you already know that area so I'll shut up.

Now that WA is legalizing pot there must be a truly bad joke using the term "joint base"....

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