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Always wanted a Glock

Well, I finally broke down and did it! I bought a Glock 21. I hope it works out for me.

I really never wanted a Glock. Then I decided I wanted a Glock 23. Then I held one with the intention of buying it and decided the grip felt WRONG. So then I thought I was done,. . .but no, I checked out a pretty beat Glock 21. It was so beat, I think the cop who had it thought vise grips were for sight adjustment! The FR sight was all wapperjawed. $450 for that. . .really.

Then ol' Gunbroker creapt up. I never saw it coming. Before I knew what hit me I was clicking bid now.

So now, what do I do with this thing? Maybe bowling pin shooting. . .or maybe put a red dot on it and try that gig out.

CCW?? No, this thing is frickin' huge!
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