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Sometimes It Pays To Shop The Local Guys

I don't buy much of anything anymore (in fact I've been in the selling mode for a while), but I still love to go to the local gun shops and poke around. The only new gun that I've seen and have been interested in lately is the SA XDs. However, I wasn't going to buy one, because I just didn't want to spend any money.

Last week I put another gun on the chopping block (S&W model 13) and thought I had it sold, but after accepting the guys offer I didn't hear anything from him. So, Saturday I stopped by a new pawn shop just to see what they had to look at and they had an XDs for $529, which is the cheapest that I've seen it anywhere locally. I asked if he wanted to do a little swapping and a few minutes (and a little money) later I walked out with the XDs.

Just for fun I checked Bud's and their price for the same gun (all black) was $649. So, it really does pay to shop around and not get stuck into thinking that online is the least expensive.
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