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you would be better off just putting your ideal first aid kit together.

All of the basic stuff in those standard first aid kits are good to have for minor cuts and injuries. If you are stranded in the wilderness, a little cut can turn into a big problem if it gets infected. The infection might of been avoidable if some neosporin, peroxide, or isopropyl alcohol had been available.

Syringes and morphine - good luck convincing a doctor to just let you have some intravenous morphine and syringes. They would look at you like you are a drug addict and tell you to leave as soon as you bring it up. Of the things that you might be able to convince a doctor to give you a prescrition to have would be silvadene cream, which is used to treat 2nd and 3rd degree burns. You could see if they are willing to prescribe you some sort of topical steroid cream, good for things like bee stings and such. An epi pen is good to have, can save the life of someone that is severely allergic to whatever or at least give you a bit more time to find help.

Over the counter things to have: aspirin, benadryl, a small bottle of grain alcohol/everclear, hydrogen peroxide, neosporin or other anti-biotic ointment.

Emergency GPS beacon will facilitate you being found in an emergency far from home. A snake bite kit could be useful.

Basic first aid supplies, get some gauze and wound dressings that are designed to not stick to the wound. Tape. scissors. Ace bandage. bandaids have their place. Maybe even keep a couple tampons handy, as silly as it might seem, if you or someone around you suffers a deep puncture wound or bullet wound, a tampon is a sterile dressing that will greatly slow the loss of blood. A pack of latex or nitrile gloves.

Surgical instruments you might find a use for would be hemostats, surgical sutures, scissors, scalpel, a small stainless tray you can use to sterilize and keep your instruments off the ground or other non clean surface. You may think of other stuff.

Basically all the stuff I listed will be good first aid for everything from cuts and scrapes, head and body aches, sprained ankles, bee stings, snakes bites, allergic reactions, gunshot wounds and other traumatic injuries requiring sutures.

I can't think of much else you might need. Buy a good book on first aid, and keep it with the rest of the stuff in case someone not trained in first aid needs to preform first aid, read it front to back. Would probably be a smart decision to keep a lighter in the bag, as well as a flashlight or head lamp and some extra batteries for it as well.
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