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I hunted in florida all my life,

For deer---Any centerfire rifle is allowed, no rimfire 22short,22lr,or17, are not allowed.
For hogs- Anything goes 22lr seems to be popular with a tap rite behind the ear inside 100 yards does the trick.

i used a 223-16 inch dpms m4 config with a 1x6 variable with hornady ammo, make sure to use hp, fmj is also illegal,
most shots are inside 200 yards so use a variable.

223 with expanding hp such as hornady 75gr tap is sufficient, the deer down there are about 80lbs on average.

Now i live in co, whole new ball game.
minimum here is 6mm so 243 and up.
if anyone wants to do some varminting here in co and has a place please pm. i am in search
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