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Check out any of the 3rd generation Smith & Wessons.
The issue with these pistols is that the OP wants easily replaceable grips. Only a handful (no pun intended...) of aftermarket grips exist for 3rd-gen Smiths because the wraparound grip unit is complex in shape and it retains the mainspring. IOW a 3rd-gen grip unit has to be properly engineered for the pistol to function; it's not just a couple of slabs of decorative wood.

The 1st- and 2nd-gen Smith pistols use traditional screw-on grip panels, but these pistols are old enough that finding the right one may be a challenge, aftermarket support isn't great, and there are some other drawbacks compared to the other pistols listed- e.g. the front sights aren't readily replaceable, the rear sights aren't very modern, the pistols use an "old school" separate barrel bushing, and many lack a RH-side ambidextrous decocker/safety lever.
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