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good points oldsmarksman, that being said:

The fact that you are a "nice guy" with a clean record will not do a lot for you in terms of a charging decision, if you cannot produce sufficient evidence in support of justication after what would normally be an unlawful act.
sometimes it will, sometimes it won't depending on the incident but one obviously should never rely on this. It can't hurt though, and many times(and many times not) it does make a difference at sentencing.

In virtually no jurisdictions is it permissible to draw on, threaten, strike, or shoot someone because of the kind of person he is, or because of what he has done (with a few very limited exceptions), unless he presents some kind of immediate danger, the last of these varying according to the jurisdiction.
While this is true Sir, one can argue via the perp's actions reasonable fears andor concerns (amongst other things) that they felt threatened. Therefore, it isn't out-of-line for this woman(or anyone one looking out for her best interest) to claim that she didn't know what type of sicko this guy was or that she was scared this individual was a sicko.

The decision can be a long time in coming
this can often be the case, but I stand by my position firmly that the decision has already been made in this case. The weapon was deemed legal as well as the CCW, and there is no indication that this one is leaning in any other direction.
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