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if you are a "group shooter", you shouldn't be dropping eight points, let alone eighteen, on stage three.
Meh. Different sport. A bullseye shooter who shoots an IDPA like a bullseye shooter is gonna be slow. When it comes to shooting groups, I can beat most. Yet, the transition to action pistol wasn't easy, and I struggled with PDs, too. But if the fundamentals are strong, you'll make good progress, so long as you remember that while the game isn't a target event, practical accuracy counts.

IMO, 18 points in stage 3 isn't terrible - compared to most, it's decent as a matter of fact. Yes, they could be a bit lower, as stage 3 in many ways is the classifier. General rule of thumb is 10%: A good balance of speed and accuracy is when time from PDs hover around 10% of raw time. In the case of a good classifier run, stages 1 & 2 ought to be below that since stage 3 will be a bit above.
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