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I really like my Savage MKII. I have the Savage MK II FV-SR that I really like and to answer your question I like the AccuTrigger. With good match grade ammo mine is consistently MOA to over 100 yards.

I am sure the .22lr from savage is probably very accurate out of the box, but if I was put to a challenge of "lets see who can shoot a golf-ball off a tee from 150 yards first, or with the least number of shots" I would feel like i had a real good chance of doing it on my first shot with a .17 HMR. It wouldn't take me more than 3 shots on a windy day. Hitting a golf ball at 150 yards with a .22 lr, I would not be so confident. Especially if you compared the Savage MK2 TR and the 93R17 TR.
I would take you up on that for a lunch bet any day with my Savage 22. The best part about mine is I can do it quietly Of course I have more money in accessories. Scope and silencer - than I do in the gun.
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