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S&W Shield 40 Review

Found and purchased a new Shield 40 today, serial number starting "HA." After a field strip, clean and lube with Shooter's Choice FP10 I went out to the range and setup a silhouette target at 5 yards. With both Remington UMC 165 grain FMJ and Speer Gold Dot 155 grain factory loads it's a very controllable gun, was able to two handed rapid fire quite well without significant muzzle climb. Shooting this gun one handed provided a fair amount of muzzle climb however not so much as to be uncomfortable. I only used the factory extended magazine; don't care for my pinkie hanging off on a gun like this. No failures whatsoever in the 64 rounds I shot.

I've not owned a 40S&W in quite a few years however this incredible little piece will be my new carry gun. The trigger is different and far better than the original M&P Trigger. For a 40 this gun's very mild, doubt I'll ever feel under gunned with 8 rounds of 40 S&W. If so it's time to grab the rifle!

l've heard police work is dangerous. Yes, that's why l carry a big gun. Couldn't it go off accidentally? l used to have that problem. What did you do about it?
l just think about baseball. -Leslie Nielsen

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